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Ladies and Gentlemen: Your 8th Inning Play-By-Play

By Milo Taibi

Yes, because I’m a smart-ass Mets fan who must find a negative even on the night of a victory, I offer you my latest presentation, entitled “last night’s 8th inning play-by-play.” Enjoy.

– S. Schumaker in left field
– T. Greene at second
– R. Ankiel in center field
– J. Motte relieved K. McClellan
– L. Castillo singled to third
– F. Martinez hit for B. Stokes
– D. Reyes relieved J. Motte
– F. Martinez bunted to pitcher Reyes. Pitcher Reyes, astounded that J. Manuel would ask the organization’s most heralded prospect to bunt, committed fielding error allowing Martinez to safely reach first base.
– A. Cora attempted to bunt, recognizing an opportunity to squander a potential big inning. Cora then singled to center because of St. Louis’ defensive alignment, scoring L. Castillo. J. Manuel refused to make eye contact with A. Cora when he returned to the dugout.
– D. Murphy attempted bunt, once again proved unable to lay down a sacrifice bunt. “I had an .871 OPS in the major leagues last year, why the hell am I giving myself up?” D. Murphy realized after his 2nd strike. Swinging away, D. Murphy flied out to center field. J. Manuel instructed O. Santos to give D. Murphy a stern talking to after the game regarding grittiness and the poor habit of working at-bats lasting more than two pitches.
– J. Kinney relieved D. Reyes. D. Reyes still bewildered at F. Martinez’s bunting decision.
– D. Wright grounded out to third, F. Martinez to third, A. Cora to second. S. Phillips makes obnoxious comments from broadcasting booth about how D. Wright lacks leadership/should have been traded for J. Cruz Jr.
– F. Tatis flied out to left. J. Manuel punches water cooler in disgust after F. Tatis ignored his bunt sign.