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A Quick Recap of the Lost Weekend; Here Comes St. Looey

By Adam Garnett

Just wanted to throw out a few observations about the Mets lousy weekend before heading off to CitiField:

It really was a lost opportunity for a squad that frankly can’t afford to let too many more golden chances to gain ground on the Phillies slip away. I mean the Phils are reeling, big time with their bullpen in complete chaos. Gaining just one game on a team that gets swept by the woeful Orioles at home is disappointing to say the least.

With Johan and Big Pelf toeing the mound on Sat and yesterday respectively following Fernando Nieve’s gem on Friday, taking at least two of three looked like a lock. Santana was once again burnt by lack of run support and a Pelfrey continued the trend of cruising along through five innings and then inexplicably, completely losing it. Not good from the guy who is supposed to be your No. 2 guy. To compound it, The Mets faced two opposing SPs who had less than stellar number on the year.

Guess you just gotta lick your wounds and welcome in the NL Central leading Cardinals, winners of seven of their last 10. The only positive thing I can say about having to face St. Louis in a four-game set right now is that the Mets will miss staff ace Adam Wainwright. By the way, Albert Pujols is pretty good. Don’t think the the spacious confines of Citi are going to hold back his recent onslaught. More later after the game……