New York Mets News

Doom and Gloom Update!

By Milo Taibi

Whoa. Alright, so over the past 48 hours a bunch of Mets-related happenings just went down. Really quickly, I’ll give you fine readers the 411 and then let you all know my thoughts in corresponding posts. Ready? Go!

– J.J. Putz entered a close game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and promptly gave up a billion runs to lose the game for the Mets. Chaos ensued.

– John Maine and Carlos Beltran were out with flu-like symptoms. Beltran returned, homering in his first game back in action.

– Angel Pagan hit the DL; Alex Cora took his spot on the roster.

– Ramon Martinez went on the 15 day DL, Emil Brown was called up to fill his roster spot.

– Jerry Manuel announced on WFAN that Bobby Parnell was going to be working the 8th innings now, with J.J. Putz working the 7th.

– The Pittsburgh Pirates completed a three game sweep of the Mets with an 11-6 victory.

– After the game, Carlos Beltran angrily ranted on how the Mets should be embarrassed to be getting swept by the Bucs.

– Word was released that Jose Reyes had a “small” tear in his right hamstring. J.J. Putz has been said to possibly need surgery. Both Reyes and Putz have been sent back to New York to be examined by doctors.

Oh, and just in case you Mets fans weren’t already about to blow your brains out: WE’RE PAYING OLIVER PEREZ 36 MILLION DOLLARS! WHEEE!!