New York Mets News

A Word Or Two About Tonight’s Starting Lineup And Beyond!

By Milo Taibi

Ladies and germs: tonight’s starting lineup for our New York Mets!

1. Jose Reyes, SS
2. Alex Cora, 2B
3. Daniel Murphy, OF
4. Carlos Beltran, OF
5. David Wright, 3B
6. Fernando Tatis, 1B
7. Jeremy Reed, OF
8. Omir Santos, C
9. Mike Pelfrey, SP

Ok, first of all, I’m all for switching things up in a starting lineup. One of the reasons I like Jerry Manuel is because he isn’t afraid to keep the players on their toes by rotating playing time. But I’m sorry, Daniel Murphy should not be hitting third in a batting order. ANY batting order. Murphy’s a fine young talent and he has every shot of developing into an excellent average hitter (he reminds me of Paul Molitor). But if Carlos Beltran is healthy and available, hit him third. He has the hottest bat on the team; don’t try to out-think yourself, just hit Beltran third.

Also, keep Jeremy Reed on the bench. Not that I dislike Reed, but he’s just not an everyday player. Having him in the starting lineup almost certainly means that at some point during the game he’ll be pinch hit for, meaning that late in ballgames the Mets defense will be greatly compromised. Not to mention that Reed’s start prolongs Church’s offensive woes for at least one more night. I’m not one to judge a team or players mental state of mind, but being mired in a deep slump and being continuously benched for it can’t be good for one’s psyche. I think that Jeremy Reed fits in perfectly to fill Endy Chavez’s role, but having him start just throws a wrench into game strategy.

And of course, Fernando Tatis gets the start at first base. I don’t have a problem with this; I have a problem with Carlos Delgado not being put on the DL after he was injured. Bet money on this happening: for the next couple of days Delgado will feel it out, playing sparingly and not well, until the Mets medical staff deems him not healthy enough to play. Then he will be put on the 15 Day DL, having wasted an immeasurable amount of time seeing if he was healthy enough to play. If Delgado had been DL’d long ago, the Mets could have (hypothetically) called up either Shawn Bowman or Lucas Duda from Double A Binghamton to briefly fill in. Each are off to hot offensive starts, and could have shown whether their praise in the Mets farm system was justified. But I suppose it’d be wiser to just see how Delgado’s hip feels tomorrow!