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Mets-Padres Game Preview Presented By Pringles®!

By Milo Taibi

Pringles didn’t actually pay me anything to promote their product but, well, who doesn’t like Pringles? Let’s get this game preview on the road!

What To Look For!

Our beloved New York Mets will be taking on San Diego Padres ace Jake Peavy tonight. Simply put, Jake Peavy is one of the defining pitchers of our generation. He’ll go deep into ballgames while striking out many and allowing free passes to few. This season, through 15 innings Peavy’s K/BB ratio is 18/2. The only thing the Mets have going for them is their previous ability to perform well against Peavy- oh wait. That’s right, I’d almost forgotten: in nine career games vs. the Mets Peavy has a 1.24 WHIP with four wins to alongside his 57 strikeouts in 57 innings. Yikes. Look for Peavy to dominate in this one.

What Not To Look For!

I don’t like the match-up of Ramon Castro hitting against Jake Peavy very much. Castro has a slider speed bat and he’ll be taking on the hard throwing Peavy. Don’t look for a vast offensive improvement tonight when contrasting Ramon and Brian Schneider, who’s receiving a night off.

On the other hand, despite the uphill match-up for the Amazins, don’t look for San Diego to give starter John Maine much of a hard time. Rounding out San Diego’s line-up are Everth Cabrera, Henry Blanco and Peavy. This not including the anemic Kevin Kouzmanoff in the six hole(6 hits in 32 at-bats this season, hideous .299 OBP last year), and Brian Giles. Giles has really stepped up to the task of hitting third this year, by OPS’ing .402 through nine games. From the Mets perspective, it must be awfully difficult having to go to the ballpark knowing that the opposition has Brian Giles hitting third. I mean, jeez, that’s just an immediate indicator that your hands will be full the entire evening. If my sarcasm hasn’t made it obvious enough, the Padres aren’t a very good offensive team.


We’ll see something of a pitcher’s duel tonight, but the key for the Mets is reaching San Diego’s bullpen. If New York can get to a point where it’s bullpen vs. bullpen, they’ll be in good shape. I see the Mets edging out the Pads in the rubber game of this three game set.