New York Mets News

Mets Notch First Victory At Citi Field!

By Milo Taibi

Last night the New York Mets won their first ever game at Citi Field thanks in part to solid pitching from Oliver Perez, a terrific showing from the bullpen, and some downright fugly San Diego defense. The win improved the Mets overall season record to 4-4, and lowered San Diego’s to 6-3.

The Mets weren’t quite able to tee off on Pads starter Kevin Correia, who, fun fact: led the NL last season in highest opposing batting average. Instead, thanks to a Gary Sheffield bases loaded double play, Correia escaped from 4th inning trouble having given up only two runs. In his five innings worked, Correia gave up five hits and two runs. This is the type of mediocre pitcher that the Mets weren’t able to figure out all throughout last season, and it’s disturbing to see that trend continue.

Meanwhile, Oliver Perez decided to start earning his 36 million dollars (a thought that makes me shudder every time) last night by throwing six innings of three hit, one run baseball. I may not be the biggest Oliver Perez fan, and I may not have agreed with the decision to bring him back to the team after the 2008 season, but it was a very promising sign to see him perform well last night. With the news of Mike Pelfrey’s forearm tendinitis, the Mets need all the quality pitching they can get.

On the subject of San Diego’s bullpen: WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?! Luke Gregerson? Luis Perdormo? Edwin Moreno? I’m sure I wasn’t the only Mets fan to think that Orber Moreno had made a comeback at the sight of Edwin’s jersey in the San Diego bullpen. These anonymous souls certainly lived up to their hype; Gregerson was unceremoniously yanked from this game after throwing ten consecutive balls, and Luis Perdomo gave up a home run to Carlos Delgado that has yet to land. Yikes. San Diego’s front office clearly has some work left to do in assembling an effective bullpen.

Tomorrow evening John Maine will take the hill to do battle with San Diego’s ace, Jake Peavy.  You hate to see a situation where a team “must win” against Jake Peavy but, well, the Mets must win against Jake Peavy.