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It's Time We Started Talking About Rey Ordoñez Again

Let me tell you what I remember about Rey Ordoñez from the 1990’s.

I remember he hit about .257 and would hit one home run a year, usually in July or August after he’d gotten into a groove (ha!) Nobody cared, though, because he was a crazy man with the glove at shortstop.

I remembered how good he was, but I don’t think it was until I saw this video…MAYBE again?…that I was reminded just HOW GOOD that man with the surname of Ordoñez was with the glove. I mean he was crazy good, and no matter how good Bud Harrelson was at short (and he was great) and no matter how great of an overall player Jose Reyes is and was for the Mets, Rey Ordoñez probably takes the cake for the best defensive shortstop the Mets have ever had for an extended period of time. This video I came across while looking up Mets videos on Playoff Saturday was clearly an extended highlight reel (that must be certainly up there illegally, and there’s a possibility somebody will come across this post at a later date and the video I refer to in this entire post might very well be gone), but this highlight reel is so good you can only imagine which plays they DIDN’T include. If you’re too young to have seen him, or just need to refresh your memory, please click below and remember again just HOW AMAZIN’ Rey Ordoñez was at short for the New York Mets.

And what’s even cooler is that this video is probably from 1997 based on the highlights of 1996 and parts of 1997, so none of us have to deal with those back-shadow uniforms.

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