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MLBTR: Mets Are The Best Match For Stephen Drew

In an article earlier today for MLB Trade Rumors, Tim Dierkes examined a list of teams he thinks are the best fits for free agent shortstop Stephen Drew. After going over the list, Dierkes opined that the Mets are “by far the best match” for Drew. Wrote Dierkes:

One rival GM thinks the Mets are feigning disinterest in Drew, according to Gammons, as he would be an upgrade on Tejada. Drew makes a ton of sense for the Mets, who would only have to surrender the #82 draft pick.  The Mets are by far the best match for Drew.

The other teams Dierkes listed as potential matches for Drew were the Astros, Twins, Yankees, Royals, and Marlins.  Interestingly absent from the list are the Red Sox, who Dierkes believes are better off going with Xander Bogaerts while receiving a compensatory draft pick in the process.

As has been discussed here, both the Twins and the Astros seem like teams who could potentially jump into the bidding for Drew.  In Dierkes’ opinion, though, it would be very surprising if the Astros signed Drew.  Dierkes notes that Houston is comfortable with shortstop Jonathan Villar and that they’d have to sacrifice the 33rd overall pick in the draft if they signed Drew.

Dierkes noted that the Twins could be a fit, but that they are planning to go with internal option Pedro Florimon.

The Yankees took themselves out of consideration earlier this week (unless you think Brian Cashman is lying), when the general manager stated that the Yankees were not signing Drew.  That leaves the Royals and the Marlins (and the always possible mystery team).

According to Dierkes, the Royals aren’t intent on upgrading at shortstop, and the Marlins are ready to roll with Adeiny Hechavarria.

Dierkes did say that there’s always a possibility that Scott Boras, who represents Drew, can market his client as either a second baseman or third baseman, which could lure other teams in.  The problem with that, is the fact that Drew has never played anywhere but shortstop in the majors.

As each day passes, it seems more and more like Drew will fall into the Mets’ laps – if they want him.


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