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In the just over fifty-year history of the side, the Mets have enjoyed some fantastic high points – most notably the stunning 1969 Miracle Mets World Series win over the Orioles – as well as lows, but few fans will be going into the 2014 season with optimism. The odds on the Mets for both the National League pennant and the World Series suggest that the team from Queens will need another miracle if they are to taste glory next year. Of course the most loyal supporters may feel they want to make bets on them anyway – that is the nature of being a fan – but it’s not likely that many others will.

The bookmakers have them rated as the rank outsider outfit, on 50/1 for the NL pennant, which is a reflection of the disappointments of recent seasons, and the World Series pre-season odds of 100/1 are likely to have even fans blanching at putting their money down. It has been twenty-seven years since the last Mets World Series win, and there would appear to be little chance of that run ending in 2014. So does that mean you should avoid all Mets bets? Not necessarily, as you can always wager on one-off matches once the season starts, but other than that, it is probably smarter to stick with the MLB-inspired games on offer at casino online websites.

The payout chances there are a lot more favorable all round, with wild and/or scatter symbols on the reels to help you when you need it – and the betting deposit per spin is usually so low that you are hardly risking significant sums of money by playing. It is for reasons like these that Hot Shot, and other similar games, have grabbed the attentions of baseball fans – although this five reel slot from Microgaming seems to be the one most of them pick. Certainly it has a healthy $2000 jackpot, and the wonderfully integrated sound effects and quality graphics help to make it feel like you are actually at a Major League Baseball game, so perhaps it’s not hard to see why.

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