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The Mets Have Spent Lots Of Money, & It's Not A Surprise

Coming into the offseason, with a substantial amount of money coming off the books and with ownership and the front office having already given assurances that they would spend, there were still lots of people who thought the Mets would sit idly by as the offseason came and went.  I wasn’t one of those people.

It’s understandable that the fan base and some in the media were a bit skeptical of the Mets.  They’ve had five losing seasons in a row, and those seasons coincided with the Bernard Madoff mess and ensuing lawsuit (that has since been settled).  Since 2009, ticket sales have plummeted, and apathy set in for some.

Still, to believe the Mets weren’t planning to spend significantly this offseason was to believe that both ownership and the front office was lying – and blatantly at that.

It also meant that you were someone who thought that a team that called New York home would enter the 2014 season with a payroll around $70 million dollars.  It just didn’t seem like a logical line of thinking.

After the World Series ended, each passing day without a Mets move seemed to raise the collective blood pressure of many in the fanbase.  When the team signed Chris Young, they were made fun of and lots of people predicted it would be their largest expenditure.

After they introduced Curtis Granderson, Joel Sherman of the New York Post penned an article that suggested the club was done with their big moves – and that if they were indeed done, that they had failed the fanbase.

Then, earlier today, the club signed Bartolo Colon to a two year deal worth $20 million dollars.  The signing immediately squashed the narrative that the Mets were done spending (which was the narrative that emerged after the “Mets won’t spend any money” narrative was proven to be incorrect).

Today’s signing wasn’t surprising, it was simply an unfamiliar feeling.  I always thought the Mets would spend a significant amount of money this offseason, but actually watching it happen was foreign – this type of spending is something we haven’t seen in five years.

By again jumping in to the free agent market with both feet, the Mets have backed up their promises and have made it known that they mean business.

Over the last month or so, the Mets have spent a shade over $87 million dollars on free agents, adding roughly $30 million to the 2014 payroll in the process.  This is what they said they would do, and it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.  There’s still work to be done to make the club playoff contenders, but the old narratives will have to be officially retired.


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