Dec 10, 2013; Orlando, FL, USA; New York Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson talks with reporters about signing with the New York Mets during the MLB Winter Meetings at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Curtis Granderson Saying All the Right Things

Oh Grandy, you say all the right things.

Real New Yorkers are Mets fans? Well duh. The move across boroughs was an A+ in your book? Please, tell me more.

It’s like a cute significant other with so many sweet replies you wonder if he consulted friends or a dating self-help book to get it all right.

Honestly I don’t even care if he did. For now I’ll take the sweet talk and optimism, clichéd and overly sugared as it may be.

Signing Curtis Granderson was a huge move by the Mets organization (as many of us at the Rising Apple wrote last week) and an uplifting time to be a fan. We waited out talks and negotiations, wondering if it was going to happen at all, when suddenly one morning fans woke up and the iced streets of Dallas weren’t so gloomy.

OK, that may have just been two of us. But you get it.

Since that post we’ve witnessed a press conference formally ushering him in as a Met and an interview with Kevin Burkhardt Tuesday night on SNY that reinvigorated the excitement. Was it a little padded with sweet talk and lines he could have been fed by the organization? Well yeah, but I can’t help but be sucked in.

There was talk of the outfield possibilities:

I’m very flexible. Mixing and moving and mixing and matching; Any time you have options, that’s a strength for me.

There was talk of becoming close with teammates:

First thing, (you) gotta come together. Once you come together — we’re going to be together for eight months out of the year — this is gonna be your home away from home. If we can build that good team chemistry off the field, that’ll translate to little things on the field.

There were shout outs to being able to play with David Wright and Dillon Gee. Plus a shout out to his mom before the press conference even really kicked off.

And there was humor, intelligence and a smile that shone brighter than the lights adorning the Christmas tree.

Go, Grandy, go.

We’re even picking up visitors to Citi Field. One of my Yankees friends Tweeted me he was planning to see the Mets this year because Grandy was there. My what a strange world. And make that two tickets, please.

While I am excited about the possibilities, my skepticism will be there until probably this time next year. It’s not easy to open your heart and be smashed yet again. All it takes is a crash into the outfield wall or a batting average that can only dream of being at the Mendoza Line. Or that this is the Mets, and as Sports Illustrated writer Richard Deitsch so eloquently put it,

But, so far so good. It’s the end of December and there’s no need to fret. There’s enough of that eight months out of the year. This is when we can believe in the future without the distraction of losses, injuries and poor performances.

I’ve got an outfield, a solid power hitter and a pinstriped friend who wants to watch the Mets because  — wait for it — there’s actually something to watch instead of laugh at.

How many days until Opening Day again?


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