Dec 10, 2013; Orlando, FL, USA; Curtis Granderson smiles as he is introduced by the New York Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon (left) and general manager Sandy Alderson (right) during the MLB Winter Meetings at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

You Don't Judge An Offseason On December 10th

Earlier this afternoon, the Mets formally introduced Curtis Granderson at the Winter Meetings in Orlando.  There were lots of cliched quotes, one juicy one, and plenty of smiles.

A few hours later, Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote an article that seemed to bash something the Mets hadn’t yet done.  Before the Mets made any moves this offseason, the refrain was that they’d do nothing.  Then they signed Chris Young.  After the Young signing, the refrain was that he would be their biggest expenditure.  Then they signed Curtis Granderson.

Today, Sherman penned a piece that continued the refrain.  The Mets had signed Granderson, but what if they don’t do anything else of note?  The sentiment was right, but the article was two months early.  Sherman noted that the article was probably jumping the gun, but he wrote it anyway.

Among the points Sherman made was the following:

If this really is it — after all the buildup asking for patience to let the money of Johan Santana and Jason Bay go away — then this will be a breach with the fan base. The promise was stick with us, we have a big vision: Restock the farm, regain financial equilibrium and then step on the gas pedal to relevance and contention.

The above comment is off base for a few reasons.

For one, as is noted above (and by Sherman himself in the article), judging an offseason on December 10th makes absolutely no sense.  There’s no reason to ask “if this really is it.”  That’s something for February.

Second, there’s nothing to indicate that the Mets are done making key moves.  If the Mets had made a statement that indicated they were done adding payroll, or that they wouldn’t be making any external acquisitions, questioning them at this point would make sense.

However, the Mets are actively exploring the trade market (Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, and Daniel Murphy have been discussed), are still interested in free agent shortstop Stephen Drew, and are likely exploring a host of other avenues we have no idea about.

The Mets will almost certainly add at least another $15 million to the payroll, and it’s highly likely that they’ll make at least one noteworthy trade.

Again, Sherman’s sentiment makes sense.

The Mets have been a sleeping giant for years, and this offseason is the one that the front office has been playing up.  More moves have to be made, and more moves will almost certainly be made.  If they’re not, we’ll all be able to write an article like the one Sherman wrote today.


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  • MDonaldWilpon

    With all due respect, I disagree. In three years we have heard nothing but lies from the front office and ownership group. You are right that the preseason isn’t over on December 10, but who will they fill the roster with? More dumpster dives?

    They have tickets to sell and prospects are just that. An 85 million dollar payroll is unacceptable in Minneapolis, let alone New York and it’s time the press exposed these frauds for what they are.

    • Joe.02

      Your cynicism is warranted but Granderson alone was more than the Mets got the last few years. So, it is too soon to conclude they will do nothing since already they moved past dumpster diving.

    • Herb G

      His cynicism is not warranted. For 3 years the owners and the front office said just what they had to say in order to try to keep fan interest up and sell as many tickets as they could. What were they supposed to say? “Boo hoo, boo hoo, we’re broke and all we are going to go after is dreck”? This MDonaldWilpon and his ilk will always find a way to bad mouth the Mets regardless of what they do.

      Those who say the Wilpons have no interest in winning should be looking at their spending patterns when they acquired Pedro, Beltran, Delgado, (whose ridiculous, back loaded contract they took on from the Marlins) Wagner, K-Rod, etc. and not those of the last 3 years.

    • Joe.02

      The owners and front office “said just what they had to say” (aka “lies” or to be generous some b.s.) … why this doesn’t warrant cynicism that fans are not getting the straight dope now is unclear. We are years from Delgado and various others. 2006 is awhile ago. Even then, they repeatedly only went so far. Thus, the ’06 playoffs relied on cast-offs like Maine and Perez once Pedro was hurt.

  • Herb G

    Finally, It’s great to see a blogger saying what I’ve been saying for a few weeks now. On several other blogs, the authors seem intent on irrationally flogging the Mets. The team has made 2 moves of substance before the winter meetings and there is plenty of time for additional quality acquisitions.

    Many teams fill their coffers in January, when many unsigned quality players lower their expectations. That’s not dumpster diving, it’s smart shopping. Meanwhile, lets wait and see what Sandy has up his sleeve for the rest of the week and through December. I am betting, when it is all said and done and the dust settles, we have a new upgrade at SS, a good starter or three, and a veteran addition to the bull pen.

    • Marty-Stacy Marbaker

      I agree the media and fans should stop with the negitives and start with the positives they got grandy and to be frank, the outfield of grandy jaun, and young is better than duda, niewy, and byrd just got lucky last year. second I say if they put ey jr at second wright at 3rd duda at 1st maybe get drew at ss the field looks good we have speedy ey jr leading off then drew, wright, grandy, young duda d’unard, juan then pitcher good team better than lastyear.

    • Marty-Stacy Marbaker

      and if we keep murphy which i like to it would still be better

    • Herb G

      Competition is pretty stiff for Drew, so we are a long shot. It could still be Tejada, or maybe someone we get in a trade. I’m hoping for an upgrade.

      Re the outfield, it looks as if EYJ could be in LF and Young in CF, with Lagares the odd man out, if Murphy is still with us

  • WilpondScum

    sherman did not promote judging the offseason on Dec 10th, as is your premise. the article titled by sherman? “If Granderson is Mets’ only move, Sandy has failed the fans” See the word “if”?

    secondly, signing a 4th OF in Chris Young is the equivalent of doing nothing. the mets limited budget due to their involvement in the ponzi scheme has placed the mets right at the bottom 3rd in spending. yeah i know payroll isn’t everything “it’s how you spend the money, not how much”. well ok, but spending 7 million of your supposed 25 million dollar off season allotment is actually worse than doing nothing and should not be counted by anyone who understands business or baseball to be “something”. the mets have handicapped themselves to behave like a small market team. they lied and promised. sherman was right on that. technically no, the offseason is not over, winter meetings are still ongoing. but anyone who follows the mets know that the verbiage and double speak coming from the mouth of sandy alderson is indicative of no significant action. granderson barely replaces byrd’s production from last season. the mets have holes everywhere and have given a rough 87 million payroll estimate. they basically can’t do anything significant moving forward. if they do it will come via some amazing trade. i’m not holding my breath. sherman knows whats up, as do met fans.

    put out an article when spring training starts on the great additions the mets acquired. they’ve already indicated little substantive action based on their self imposed cap.