Sep 25, 2013; Bronx, NY, USA; New York Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson (14) singles to right center during the fourth inning against the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Mets' Offer to Granderson Rumored to be $45M for 3 Years

The negotiations between the Mets and Curtis Granderson have been playing out in public ever since news of their meeting broke over five days ago.

Yesterday, it was reported that a deal could potentially be struck at any time, but that Granderson’s camp was asking for four years guaranteed, while the Mets had so far only guaranteed three years.

Today, Mike Puma of the New York Post sheds some more light on the discussions:

With it unclear if there is another team willing to offer the free-agent outfielder three years, never mind four, the Mets were holding steady in negotiations on Thursday.

On the table for Granderson was a three-year contract believed to be worth just north of $45 million with possibly a vesting option for 2017. But the 32-year-old outfielder has sought a four-year guaranteed deal that would bring the total value of the package past $60 million, according to an industry source.

Puma went on to say in his article that there is “no evidence” that another team has even made Granderson an offer.


Until Granderson signs on the dotted line with the Mets, anything can happen.

However, if there are no other offers out there for Granderson right now, it would be foolish for the Mets to give in at this point and guarantee the fourth year.

If the above information is accurate, and the Mets have offered Granderson a three year deal (potentially with a vesting fourth year option) worth in excess of $15 million per season, they’re being more than fair.

If another team comes in and matches the Mets’ three year offer, that would be the time for the Mets to guarantee the fourth year.

Mets fans (including me) want this deal done in the near term.  Still, the Mets appear to be playing this properly.  If they overplay their hand and lose out on Granderson, there will be a different sentiment, but there’s no indication that any team is ready to step up and guarantee Granderson four years at $60 million.


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  • Ken Meoni

    On the greedy Cano front:

    According to Feinsand, Cano and his representatives from CAA and Roc
    Nation Sports arrived in Seattle with an eight-year, $200MM offer in
    hand from the Mariners and eventually received assurances that the
    Mariners would go to nine years and $225MM. However, a late change by
    agent Jay-Z in which he once again demanded $252MM over 10 years caused
    Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln to “explode,” prompting the meeting to end.

    Seattle’s offer of $225MM over nine years topped the Yankees’ best
    offer by two years and $50MM, Feinsand notes. However, the Yankees
    appear to be Cano’s lone serious suitor once again. The Yankees
    reportedly have never been willing to exceed the $200MM barrier for

    • Ken Meoni

      Please note that now that Seattle is out of the Cano mix, they may enter in on the Granderson mix. They were interested early on. But, Danny is right, the Mets are playing the right way for now.

  • chums41

    You know they will ultimately offer a 4th year because teams that place themselves behind the 8-ball typically deal in a more desperate manner. Not Sandy’s fault, as the idiot Wilpon’s who hired the idiot Minaya own this. Mets fans who get their panties in a bunch because of the Bay and Santana contracts, need to view both signings in a more rational manner. Santana’s pitching effectiveness, speed, K’s/9 innings, batting average against, had been in a steady decline since 2004, yet our quantitatively clueless GM ignored all of these stats and outbid the Yankees to sign him (it’s never a good sign when you outbid the Yankees). With Bay, we had a choice between him and Matt Holliday, and yet again, our clueless GM who was likely influenced by our equally clueless owners, chose to go on the cheap and sign Bay. No one could have predicted Bay’s plummet, but if we had signed the better player, it would all be irrelevant. It seems our present quandary is, or at least mine, whether to sign Granderson or Choo, Having witnessed 100′s of “warning track home runs” during the past 4 years, I think Choo is a much better choice.

    • Andrew Lloyd

      Totally agree – they should be focusing on Choo. Granderson for 3 years is nice, too – but if he precludes pursuit of Choo, then they shouldn’t do it. The Mets need to step up.