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I have been working more recently than I have in a while, and by working, I mean actually making money and not posting and reading about the Mets almost all day long. It wasn’t exactly what I was doing when I didn’t work consistently, and I can’t yet say what I am doing is all that consistent. Once school frees up on December 10, however, my work schedule should round out into something that resembles what many work schedules look like.

Today, for the first time in a while, I was radio silent. I was working in the bowels of an upper east side apartment complex in their management offices, and though I did talk about the Mets at some point with the on-site manager, a lack of service afforded me nowhere near a regular check-up on the blogosphere or the twittosphere, or any sphere for that matter. I had class at 4 and a screenwriting workshop thereafter, so it wasn’t until I got home around 10 that I was able to see what had happened.

And apparently, what had happened was not a whole lot but the official Mets announcement of the signing of Chris Young (the II in Mets terms) and random things that MLB Trade Rumors alerted me to with no such substance behind them.

Then…I found out about this.

I try not to be cynical about the Mets. I do, and I succeed (kinda…) Here on Rising Apple, we try to be relatively even-keeled when it comes to our opinions, analysis and news reporting.

This holiday card, however, (which I haven’t watched, by the way) just makes me pinch the bridge of my nose, lower my head and shake it.

I can’t say what hasn’t been said already. We don’t want to focus on this anymore. We want bigger and better things. Things like this can be avoided. The lack of oversight, common sense, and thinking ahead is mind-blowing, and its a ridiculous trend that continues. Forget that the offseason hasn’t gotten off to a flying start when it comes to improving the on-field product, even though it is early. The Mets should understand the place they are in, and stop doing things that put themselves into a position to be mocked all the time.

Charlie Hangley of Mets360 put it perfectly in this post today.

And Matt Cerrone of Metsblog has an idea for EXACTLY what should occur right before Thanksgiving 2014:

Next year, can you just put Matt Harvey in a tuxedo, drinking egg nog, saying, ‘Happy Holidays,’ and call it a day? Thanks.”

Yeah, they need to improve the roster. Yeah, they need to make signings. Yeah, they need to make trades. Yeah, they need to get us back to 90 wins, a playoff spot, the Championship Series and the World Series. And hey, they need to get a World Series ring that has the colors of Orange and Blue in it.

But seriously. They need to stop setting themselves up to be THAT much more of a joke than they already are.

Please. For the love of everything decent. Just stop it already.

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