Oct 12, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Detroit Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta (27) hits a double during the eighth inning in game one of the American League Championship Series baseball game against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Jhonny Peralta Agrees to Four Year Deal with Cardinals


According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, Jhonny Peralta wanted to play with the Cardinals.  Heyman suggested that Peralta likely asked other teams for more money, while agreeing to take less from St. Louis:

If the above is accurate, I don’t think you can fault the Mets (or any other interested team) for balking at that asking price.

Peralta got his four year deal at “slightly more” than $52 million dollars from St. Louis.  Logically, that would mean that the Mets (or another team) would’ve had to tack on a fifth guaranteed year or millions more annually in order to land Peralta.

If that’s the case, I’m glad the Mets didn’t bite.

UPDATE, 12:31 PM:

According to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports, Peralta’s deal with St. Louis will be for four years and “a little more” than $52 million.


According to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, free agent shortstop Jhonny Peralta is on the verge of a multiyear deal with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Terms of the potential deal are not yet known, but it was reported earlier this week that Peralta had a four year deal worth $52 million in hand.

Peralta, 31, had been the Mets’ top free agent shortstop target.  If he does indeed sign with St. Louis, that would leave Stephen Drew as the only other solid free agent choice to play short.


If Peralta’s deal is indeed for four years and $52 million, I’ll be peeved that the Mets weren’t willing to match it.

The Mets reportedly thought they’d be able to sign Peralta to a two year deal, but found out quickly that that wasn’t the case.  Four years for Peralta isn’t a slam dunk move, but at an average annual value of $13 million, it’s a deal the Mets should’ve been willing to match.

The market for Stephen Drew is unclear, and there’s been relatively no discussion about where he might end up.  However, being that Peralta is likely to receive a deal that’s worth four years and $52 million, one would think that Drew will be looking for the same type of contract.

Simply put, the Mets need to upgrade the shortstop position.  Going into 2014 with Ruben Tejada or Wilfredo Tovar would be ridiculous, and handing the job to someone like Rafael Furcal would be uninspired and risky.

If the Mets were uncomfortable going to four years for their top target in Peralta, it’s hard to believe they’ll go that high for Stephen Drew.  So, turning to the trade market may be the way to go.

It’s been reported that Didi Gregorius of Arizona may be available, so the Mets may want to explore a potential deal for Gregorius and check in with other clubs to see who else may be available.


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  • Ken Meoni

    Danny, the offer is for more then $52M. Here’s a tweet from Heyman. “i team that offered $52M for 4 yrs for peralta was told they’re not even in game. will be fascinating how high it goes.”

    Could it be the Mets who offered this? Tejada is looking better all the time.

    • Danny Abriano

      Looks like that tweet from Heyman was off base. Jon Morosi says the deal is for “a little more” than $52 million. Maybe there’s a vesting fifth year option, but that remains to be seen.

  • Ken Meoni

    That’s alot of $$ for someone who doesn’t know how to spell Johnny and is on Roids.

  • STLWC11X

    With the acquisition of Bourjos as well as Peralta, I think it sets the Birds up for their fourth consecutive NLCS appearance. Say what you want, these guys will fit in well in STL.

  • sonqo98

    Let clear something up. If the Mets matched the 4 year 52 mill the cardinals are giving him, he would still sign with the cards instead of the mets. As a player, he wants the opportunity to win a ring and the cards provide the best opportunity based on recent success.

    • chums41

      Agreed, but real point is Alderson’s misguided view of the 2013-14 free agent values. The free agent market is thin and players are trading above his perception of value. Markets are strange that way and a market in which supply is thin can remain irrational and defy conventional wisdom. Time for Sandy to adjust and step up his aggressiveness, likely via the trade market. He can’t simply stand on the sideline, cry that the market is overvalued, and put another sub-mediocre team on the field in 2014.

  • Bill

    Any clue what it might take to get Jed Lowrie from Oakland? They just signed Nick Punto so Lowrie might be more available.

    • Danny Abriano

      It’s been reported that the A’s aren’t interested in trading Lowrie. Things could change, but he’s not being mentioned at the moment.

    • chums41

      Lowrey and Cespedes for Davis, deGrom, Tejada and Turner. If we need to sweeten the deal, we sweeten it within reason. It costs us roughly $8mm in 2014 and solves two problems. Next. we sign first baseman James Loney, elite fielder and very good hitter, and costs us 2 years at $8-10mm per. Enough with the whiney “we need a home run hitter crap” as the STL Cards were 27th in the league in homers last year. Finally we sign Pierzynski for 2 years/$12-16mm because d’Arnaud needs to prove he can stay healthy. The whole package costs us $25mm and the upgrade is substantial. Finally if we need to overpay, than we do, period! Clearly, Alderson’s perception of value this off season has proven incorrect. If overpaying translates into a 90 win season, the money garnered from the significant increase in attendance will offset and justify the over-payment.
      Finally, Syndergaard and Montero, off the table, period! Danny, if you mention either again, your Mest fan licence will be permanently revoked!!

    • Bill

      wow – interesting ideas, but why would the A’s do that? Even if they had any inclination to trade Lowrie, there is no way they’d move Cespedes. If I’m Oakland, I probably don’t even do Lowrie alone for those 4 guys – a starting shortstop with decent numbers for one guy that forgot how to hit (Davis), one guy that is only a mid-back end rotation prospect at best (deGrom), one guy that we are trying to get rid of (Tejada) and one guy that would be spare parts anyplace (Turner). The Mets don’t really need Loney – they currently have both Davis and Duda with more power potential. If they could trade them both for some outfield power and somehow land a shortstop not named Drew and Loney is still on the board, then maybe. They need outfielders, not another left handed hitting first-baseman without big power numbers. Also too much to tie up in a back-up catcher.

    • chums41

      So you’re saying that a guy who “forgot how to hit (Davis)” and a guy who could never hit (Duda) are better than a .290 hitter like Loney? Not to mention, Loney is a superior fielder than Duda and better than Davis too. We don’t need power generated from .225 hitters and given the Cards performance this year, how important is power? You might be right about having to up the ante to secure Cespedes, but give me a .290 clutch hitter over a .230 hitter who hits more homers anyday.

    • Bill

      I am not saying that Loney is not better than either Davis or Duda, but I feel that 1st base is the fourth priority at this point behind left and right field and shortstop. This team needs a bonafide power hitter – something that Davis has been. There is something telling me that Davis is a prime bounce-back candidate – I’m going out on a limb that says that Davis will have a better year where ever he is than Loney will in 2014. I think we have seen what Duda can do, altho I believe there is a it more power there than he has shown. His bat may come through with a set job that is not in left field.

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