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Debunking Nonsense – The Mets’ Week in Review

Over the past week, Mets fans, bloggers, and writers, have lost their minds over the following things:

  • A report about the Mets and Ryan Braun that was fairly innocuous and probably true.
  • A tweet about the payroll that can be debunked by using Sandy Alderson’s comments from earlier this week – and math.
  • The Chris Young signing.
  • A tweet that was an opinion, but reported by some as fact.

So, what the hell is going on?

To recap…

Matthew Cerrone of MetsBlog wrote that the Mets had discussed Ryan Braun internally (which is apparently true), and that the Brewers were more likely to trade Braun than Norichika Aoki. It also came out the next day that five teams had called the Brewers to inquire about Braun, lending further credence to Cerrone’s report.

However, Cerrone’s report was taken out of context and bashed. National writers reacted to it, local writers reacted to it, and fans reacted to it (mostly in a negative way).

In one case, Cerrone was accused by another writer of putting out an “irresponsible and totally bogus” report.  Mind you, what Cerrone wrote appears to be accurate. Still, that didn’t stop some from frothing at the mouth about it while claiming otherwise.

Right as the furor over Cerrone’s mostly innocuous piece was dying down, this tweet set off a fiasco on #MetsTwitter:

That tweet by Harper (which came before the Chris Young signing) directly contradicted what Sandy Alderson had said earlier in the week – that the 2014 payroll would not be lower than the 2013 payroll (which was calculated at $87 million).

At the time of Harper’s tweet (he’s since walked back his remarks a bit), the Mets’ payroll sat at roughly $55 million (with arbitration numbers factored in).  If Harper’s tweet was accurate, it would’ve meant that the 2014 payroll would be between $80 million and $85 million – placing it below the 2013 number, and in turn making Sandy Alderson a liar.

Instead of using a trusty thing called math and/or looking at Alderson’s recent quotes, #MetsTwitter decided to have a collective conniption:  “Here we go again!” “Sandy is lying!” “Screw this team!”

The problem, was that the people who were going nuts were reacting to something that most likely wasn’t accurate.

I understand that even at $87 million (or a bit higher) that the payroll isn’t at a level that pleases the fans (it certainly doesn’t please me).  However, even if the payroll is $87 million, it will have meant that the Mets spent $32 million on external player acquisitions this offseason.  Moving on…

Yesterday, all hell broke loose.  The reason?  The Mets signed Chris Young to a one year deal worth $7.25 million.

I wasn’t a fan of the dollar amount of the deal since I was hoping the Mets would use Young as a platoon bat.  After analyzing it further (Young is a plus defender with pop, has speed, and is due for a large BABIP improvement), and reading numerous pieces that applauded the deal, I felt a bit better about it.

Some people felt the same way I did (not a huge fan of the signing at first, more accepting later), but others used it as a reason to bash the Mets.

A day earlier, the Mets had signed no one of note, and many used that fact to claim that the Mets would sign no one of note all offseason.  Once the team signed Young, the new refrain became “this will be the only big move.”

It’s quite a coincidence that every time traveler in the world is also a #MetsTwitter commenter.

Shortly after the fire that was caused by the Young signing was under control, this tweet re-ignited the flames:

That tweet was clearly an opinion from Puma (not anything new he got from a source), and Puma stated as much when he was asked by fans.  After a bit, most people realized that Puma was merely editorializing.

At the moment, Jhonny Peralta is asking for an insane amount of money, and Stephen Drew‘s market is unclear.  One of them will sign with the Mets, or one of them won’t, and the Mets haven’t ruled out either.

Still, that didn’t prevent many fans from taking Puma’s opinion as fact.  And it didn’t stop one site from using that tweet as a springboard for an article that had this headline:

When Joe DeCaro of MetsMerized was told by many that his headline wasn’t factual and that it intentionally misled the many readers their site has, he responded by saying that the headline is his opinion.

It’s funny that the site that incorrectly accused Matthew Cerrone of putting out an “irresponsible and totally bogus” report is the same one that’s printing articles with headlines that knowingly mislead readers.

As I noted above, it’s understandable that the fanbase is restless.  I’m one of the fans who’s restless.

Still, that’s not a reason to react with vitriol every time any bit of news comes out.   It’s not a reason to accuse others of being liars because something they wrote doesn’t fit your narrative.  It’s not a reason to treat opinion as if it’s fact.  It’s not a reason to pretend you can tell the future.  And it’s not a reason to turn everything into a #LOLMets moment.

It’s November 23rd, not January 23rd.

If the Mets’ main upgrade this offseason turns out to be Chris Young, we’ll probably know by the time January 23rd rolls around.  That would be the time to be angry and/or upset, not now.  How about we all try a novel idea, and let the offseason play out?


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  • Mets Merized Online

    Let me leave you a VERY RARE comment here and by the way, can you do something about all these ads and popup requests I’m getting?

    Unlike Cerrone, MMO did their due diligence and contacted two lead Milwaukee beat writers who ultimately asked Brewers GM Doug Melvin if the rumor was true. He said it was bogus. Yes it was MMO who prompted all that.

    Two other prominent Brewers sites, with readerships that are ten times larger than this one, also went off on Cerrone for his self promotional tactics only intended to resuscitate a dying brand sponsored and paid for by Jeff Wilpon.

    Why don’t you stop writing angry rants about every Met beat writer and blogger who you disagree with? It will not get you the respect or recognition you seek.

    Stop it with the tough guy act and inject some real passion into your posts. If you want to play hardball email me at [email protected] and lets play. Otherwise behave yourself and tread lightly.

    Shape up and be a class act like the former editor here Matt Musico who actually added real objective opinion to Rising Apple and was not the shill you apparently seem to be, according to many in the Mets blogosphere.

    In the grand scheme of things nobody is listening to your message anyway. But do it for your own ability to someday achieve the level of respect and readership the rest of us have.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    • chums41

      You two sound like a couple of “bitchy little girls”, Sam Axe, Burn Notice.
      Seriously, this is who we should go after: Trade for Cespedes and Lowrey of the A’s. Question to both of you: who would we need to give up in order to make that happen?? Second, are we even considering James Loney? I read recently that he would only cost 2yrs/$16mm. If that’s right, that is pretty cheap for a guy who is great fielder and an above average bat.

  • Danny Abriano

    I’ll keep this very simple and this will be my only response in this forum on the matter. You, of all people, attempting to determine who and who isn’t a class act is laughable.

    To address your complaint about ads and pop up requests, you should probably check your own settings. I don’t get pop up requests.

    Now, Nothing that Cerrone said regarding Braun has been deemed to be false. Additionally, if you think I (or anyone here) writes “angry rants” against Mets beat writers, you’re mistaken. It’s a notion you have in your head, but not an accurate one.

    Furthermore, this article wasn’t meant to be of the “tough guy” variety. This isn’t a fistfight, nor is it the end of the world. I feel that you mislead your readers, you feel that you don’t. Agree to disagree.

    I write facts, and you use it as an attempt to bash me. I think most people know what kind of writer you are, and what kind of writer mostly every other Mets blogger is.

    • SatishRam


      This post leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I don’t ever comment on your website but I feel like I need to leave my two cents here.

      Why are you so quick to defend Matthew Cerrone and attack Joe D. in the same breath?

      If there are misleading headlines and misleading articles, then wouldn’t you agree a misleading article is a far worse offense? I can understand that you felt fooled by Joe’s article title, but he is quick to state in the article that things are going according to “his plan” — his opinion. On the other end, you can look at Cerrone’s article, where he hints HEAVILY at the idea that the Mets could trade Ike Davis for Ryan Braun.

      You may have chosen not to interpret in that fashion, but you’re obviously in the minority on that front. The tone of the article hinted heavily that Cerrone was reporting this as fact, not rumor or opinion, and most of his readers felt that way. I understand his basis in “reality” for this post, but his response to the way his post was received basically blamed everyone but himself. And technically, most of everything Cerrone said was proven false since the rumors about Braun being traded at all were shot down by multiple sources.

      The accusation by “another blogger” was John Delcos, who is a member of the BBWAA. He writes for MMO and allows us to use his work out of respect to Joe D..

      Your disdain with #MetsTwitter is amusing, I’ll say. Passionate fans reside on there. They’re allowed to have opinions, no?

      I don’t really get it. The underlying tone in this piece seems very envious of Joe and as if you’re above the fanbase, and that’s not a good look on you. I know you don’t care for my opinion and likely don’t even know who I am, but I feel as if I’m not the only person who felt that way reading this piece.

      I’m sure you have preconceived notions about Joe but I’ve always found them all to be off. He’s treated me like a son ever since I’ve worked with him and I’ve learned a lot from him. Just the other day, he was on my ass about posting about a “Jose Bautista to the Phillies” rumor because it might not have been from a credible source. He always does his research before writing an article.

      I assume we’ll agree to disagree.

    • Danny Abriano

      I enjoy your work, Satish.

      Aside from that, you’re correct that we’ll agree to disagree.

  • Mets Merized Online

    Well you are dead wrong, Danny.

    Right there in your post you can read my first line that says this is my opinion and not fact.

    As an editor you of all people should know that you dont judge articles by the title. If you don’t understand that basic rule of journalism than you should pass along your editor title to someone who does.

    Second, the other article you linked to was not from a blogger it was from our National Writer and Lifetime Member of the BBWAA. So please show some respect.

    If you don’t think that you have been bashing beat writers you may want to reach out to Andy Martino and Mike Puma. They think differently.

    Finally, as the one who founded the largest independent Mets fan site with over 25,000 unique readers per day, I would beg to differ with you on what most people think. Your following or Mets Twitter is not an indication of what most people think. A 25,000+ readership is.

    Finally, that you would call the Braun rumor factual after two Milwaukee beat writers and Doug Melvin said they have not discussed ANY deals for Braun with any team EVER, makes me wonder if you can handle the truth. People see what they want to see I guess and the facts be damned.

    You can email me anytime at [email protected].

    Thank you for the tip on using an ad blocker to view Rising Apple. But you should turn yours off and see what most of your readers see who don’t use an ad blocker especially on tablets and phones which is now the predominant format for navigating the web.

    Again, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Ken Meoni

    I find this a joke. I take it Danny didn’t write on the Mets Merized website. He wrote his opinions on his website, which you decided to come in on and write your nonsense. If you feel you need to defend yourself against Danny, you should defend yourself on your own site, not this one. I feel that makes you wrong, for taking that step, coming on here and attacking him. I for one totally enjoy this website and I will not be visiting yours anytime soon.
    Back to baseball. I am hearing Paralta will probably be signing with the Cardinals for a very large amount of money. His agents are telling other GM’s to forget it. I really wish the Mets would just stick with Tejada and pick up salary through a trade for an outfielder.

  • Harley Alderson

    dont ever insult our intelligence. you can drink the koolaid all you want danny but you are dead wrong in every single thing you said here. cerrone started that braun rumor and goes and blames us readers for twisting his own words. then the payroll issue ever since 2010 the wilpons the then gm omar minaya and then sandy alderson had since we would be spending for the 2014 season. they kept saying it throughout the season then came september they started to change their tune actually before that. now its changed entirely. you have no right telling us we have no right to be mad. if we have no right to be mad you have no write to right your bulls#it opinions either

  • Deborah Norris Heatherly

    well said. People need to get a grip.
    let it play out