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Sources that Contradict & The Hot Stove

In his latest column, Joel Sherman guesses that the Mets will add Norichika Aoki, Andre Ethier (please no) and Jhonny Peralta this offseason.  He notes that these are merely guesses – not based on any inside knowledge.

The most interesting piece in Sherman’s article, is something that directly contradicts what two other writers (one who’s a colleague at the Post) wrote yesterday.  It has to do with the Mets’ potential interest in Shin-Soo Choo and Jacoby Ellsbury, and is something Sherman wrote after feeling out Mets officials, MLB officials, and agents:

1. Forget Shin-Soo Choo and Jacoby Ellsbury.

It is possible the Scott Boras clients already have forgotten the Mets, feeling the organization is not ready to dabble in the $100 million-plus realm. The Mets do remain organizationally unnerved over getting too little from Johan Santana for $137.5 million and almost nothing from Jason Bay for $66 million.  With many needs, the Mets are not going to sink $20 million-ish into one item. So already, we know they are not shopping on Fifth Avenue this winter.

The timing of the “forget Choo and Ellsbury” piece seems a bit odd.  For one, it was reported yesterday that the Mets reached out to Scott Boras to express interest in Choo.

Second, a Mets official told Marc Carig yesterday that the club thinks it’ll be in play for every free agent except Robinson Cano.

The biggest head scratcher, though, is the fact that Mike Puma – who works with Sherman at the Post – reported yesterday that Scott Boras is seeking a $90 million dollar deal for Choo (not a deal in excess of $100 million) and that the Mets had reached out to Boras to express interest in Choo (the same thing Marc Carig of Newsday reported).

What’s the truth?  We have two writers reporting that the Mets expressed interest in Choo, one writer saying the Mets will absolutely not go after Choo, and those same writers citing separate sources who have entirely different feelings regarding how much money Choo will command.

The above is why the hot stove can be maddening and ridiculous, and it serves as another example why fans shouldn’t flip out (either in joy or in anger) every time the Mets are connected to a rumor.

There’s simply too much stuff flying around and too many people with motives for anything to be taken completely seriously until a player either signs on the dotted line or a trade is consummated.


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