Jul 14, 2013; Flushing , NY, USA; New York Mets prospect Brandon Nimmo before the 2013 All Star Futures Game at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Is Brandon Nimmo Tradeable?

The 13th overall pick of the 2011 MLB Draft has been touted as a valuable piece of the Mets’ future. But the pressing need for a power bat has put the Mets in the trade market. Could Brandon Nimmo be a piece they fork over to make this deal happen? I think he could, and he should.

The 20 year old has only been in the Mets’ system for a little over two years now and is regarded in the top-tier of Mets prospects.  Baseball-America ranked him as the 8th best Mets prospect, and added that he has the best strike zone discipline of any Mets prospect.

In his short tenure with New York, Nimmo has caught the eye of many but is lost in the fray behind guys like Zack Wheeler, Noah Syndergaard, Travis d’Arnaud, and Dominic Smith. In his first full season in A-ball, Nimmo sported a .273/.397/.359 triple slah in 110 games.

Still raw, Nimmo isn’t projected to make a major league impact until 2016. With a guy as far away as Nimmo is, his name should be on the list of potential trade pieces to go get a big time bat.

Nimmo could be a piece that keeps Noah Syndergaard in Flushing, and has the potential to command a lot in a trade. The Mets could use Nimmo as one of the complementary pieces in an effort to acquire a guy like Carlos Gonzalez or Troy Tulowitzki.  Perhaps if the Mets couple him with other prospects not named Syndergaard, a deal could be done.

Most fans are hesitant to make a trade if it requires giving up Syndergaard or Montero.  Making Nimmo available could eliminate this fear. The Mets also have a guy that could replace him on the depth charts in Dominic Smith, their first round pick from this season.  Baseball America ranks Smith as the Mets’ 4th best prospect. Finishing with the 10th worst record this season also gives the Mets a protected pick in the 2014 draft, where they are likely to add another impact prospect.

Making Brandon Nimmo available this off-season could give the Mets a huge bargaining chip that they didn’t have before. He could also bring in a bunch of new trade partners and names that were not originally part of the plan. Also, there’s no risk in making him available if no trades form or he doesn’t command enough for Sandy Alderson to pull the trigger.

Just putting Nimmo’s name out there may really help the Mets this winter. It’s an idea that could help to bring back that power bat the Mets so desperately desire.


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