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Hysterical Mets Fan Reactions to the Lincecum Signing

Yesterday, starting pitcher Tim Lincecum re-signed with the San Francisco Giants.  Instead of hitting the open market, Lincecum agreed to a two year, $35 million dollar deal with the only team he’s ever played professionally with.

The Mets, and the 28 other teams in baseball, never had the chance to negotiate with Lincecum.   To repeat, the Mets were never permitted to negotiate with Lincecum.  To put it another way, he never hit free agency.

However, that didn’t prevent some Mets fans from lashing out.  Perhaps they don’t know the rules, perhaps they just want to complain for the sake of it.

Here’s a few gems from Twitter:

Here’s some more from the MetsBlog comments section:

• a day ago

Another one bites the dust. This much anticipated off-season “spending spree” is getting off to a helluva start.


Get ready for another offseason of everyone of note signing elsewhere. That’s just life in a small market like NYC.

Tom Ardese

This signing signals more doom for Mets fans. Alderson wouldn’t give 17.5 million a year to Miguel Cabrera never mind Lincecum. Let the dumpster diving commence and the losing as well.

As far as I know, the Mets fans who made these comments were being serious.

They were complaining about the Mets failing to sign a player they (and 28 other teams) were never allowed to negotiate with…a player who is coming off two poor seasons, but was handed a contract worth $17.5 million annually.

Additionally, they all used the Mets not signing Lincecum (something they weren’t permitted to do), as an excuse to claim and/or worry that the team would do nothing of note this off-season.

This is a perfect example why organizations don’t listen to fans when it comes to personnel decisions.  Far too many fans don’t have a firm grasp on reading comprehension, let alone the process of building a baseball team.


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