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Too Much Loyalty: Where The Mets Front Office Struggles

It is easy to look at the direction of the organization and fall in love with the front office and everything they have accomplished.  However, it is also important to look at what could be improved.  The last couple of seasons has shown an attachment to certain players, and has perhaps held the Mets back at times.

Sometimes the Mets loyalty can be seen as patience.  Sometimes it can be patience.  Most of the time it is unexplained and does not help the team much.

For the past two seasons the Mets have kept Ike Davis in the Major Leagues through prolonged slumps.  Last season he was allowed to work out of it in the big leagues, this season he was finally sent to AAA.  Both seasons he was kept in the middle of the lineup when he was playing.  Ike was not only affecting the Mets in his at-bats, he was giving teams no reason to pitch to whoever was hitting before him.  Terry Collins insisted Ike would break out of his slump and kept playing him, pointing his loyalty towards the individual and not the team.

The Mets have had similar attitudes towards John Buck and Omar Quintanilla this season.  Buck’s hot April carried him through May and June.  In July the Mets finally started playing Anthony Recker more often and the production from both catchers improved.  Now Omar Quintanilla is returning to form as the backup shortstop he has always been.  The Mets said they do not plan on calling up Ruben Tejada, hitting .317 in AAA.  For some reason they are content with Quintanilla’s struggles and a short bench without a real backup shortstop.

The Mets seem to love to play guys until they simply cannot play anymore.  It is almost as if they are more afraid of hurting feelings than losing games.

Even the non-trades of Scott Hairston and Marlon Byrd carry the loyalty too far.  They both had bounce-back seasons with the Mets, but they also both were meant to be single-year players.  The Mets rightly let Hairston walk but they also did not get anything of value for him, even if it was a mediocre prospect.  Now they will go down the same path with Marlon Byrd and would rather have a few more home runs this year than add a piece who could contribute in the future.

I love the Mets current front office with Sandy Alderson and co.  I do not love their insistence on sticking with the same players until I can no longer bear to watch.  When the team has options they should learn to take advantage.

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  • Joe_JP

    I don’t think a “mediocre prospect” is worth it to give up Byrd, who is a positive addition to the clubhouse (a good role model with his hard work and overall effort) and enjoyment of the game overall. There is even a small chance they will re-sign him. I don’t recall Hairston having similar locker-room value, but a trade would have brought back little in return apparently. It’s a marginal loss.

    The other points are stronger — Q. has a record of being good for awhile and than going back to earth. That time has arrived. Buck had a great April & then dropped down to earth. Recker playing more actually helped him. Ike should have been sent down weeks earlier. The conservative approach at least was this season carried over to contracts. Remember Kevin Appier? Got him for four years, kept him for one, and he played one more year in the bigs. Ah old times.

  • A Pocono View_

    here , here! Their loyalty, or coddling, it does go on for too long. And when Duda doos come bk(another person Mets r loyal to) I hope they do not put him bk in LFf and disrupt the good group they have out there now.

  • Ken Meoni

    The move that should have been made was with Reyes. They should of signed him as they are still looking at a problem area at SS. Or, if they couldn’t do that, they should have traded him and got something, actually, alot. The reason why he wasn’t traded? Because the Mets wanted to be on record of haviing a player lead the majors in average. That’s right, so they can be in the record books. As for Ike, because of their loyalty to him they have sat Satin and now he is cold. They should have rode Satin until he wasn’t showing anything anymore, instead of sitting him while he was hot and giving Davis yet another chance. Now Buck, he makes alot of mistakes behind the plate. They should call him backhand Buck. He had one good major league season and his calling of a game has to be questioned. I prefer Schwartzenrecker, but I can live with a 50-50 platoon. We will have a look into the future with Buck going on leave for a baby.

  • mergatroyd spivey

    i think the mandate comes from above collins and alderson. it comes from one, or both of the wilpon’s. the wilpon’s are more concerned with their bottom line than with building a winning organization (they look for the quick fix failing to realize that by letting the baseball people make the baseball decisions will bring multitudes in the long run). what has davis done to make him immune to the minors as long as he was? half a season of production when the team couldn’t even see .500? when prince fielder was coming up on free agency a couple of seasons ago i heard met fans and radio shills on the fan say that there was no way we should go after fielder because ike was going to be better anyway. the wilpon’s couldn’t afford fielder at the time, but to hold ike up as being better just shows the kind of carnival barker type atmosphere that surrounds the mets under the wilpons. don’t believe your eyes, believe what were telling you is what it comes down to. “let’s make wright the captain”. of what and why? a losing team that can barely put together a competitive roster? i think collins should be given kudos considering the players he has to work with (brad emaus? ching-lung hu? pat misch? etc. etc.) so when i hear people talk about some managerial faux pas or how alderson is doing a crappy job getting players, i can’t help but think how the wilpons have the mets fanbase bamboozled into thinking that they care about putting a competitive team in citi field.