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Bob Costas Rips Mets, Makes a Fool of Himself

After the Mets came back to beat the Cubs today in dramatic fashion in the bottom of the ninth, Bob Costas of NBC went over the highlights during a break in U.S. Open golfing action.  Costas is one of the titans in the industry, and is usually someone to look to as the voice of reason.  Today, he made a complete fool of himself.

Near the end of the highlights, Costas criticized the Mets for the way they celebrated their victory, and cited their celebration as an indication of the “decline of Western civilization.”  Here’s the clip:

Something as innocuous as what Costas said ordinarily isn’t a big deal, but with the Mets getting piled on left and right, I’m going to make it into a big deal.  There was absolutely no reason for Costas to have said the following:

And a team 14 games under .500 celebrates as if it just won the seventh game of the World Series.  Another indication of the ongoing decline of Western civilization.

The Mets aren’t a good baseball team.  They know that, and the fans know that.  However, every single team (no matter their record) celebrates in that manner after a walkoff homer.  If Costas has a problem with that, he should call Bud Selig and attempt to have celebrations outlawed.

If Costas would’ve stopped at his criticism of the celebration, I likely wouldn’t be writing this article.  However, he took it one step further and displayed his momentary ignorance by citing the Mets’ celebration as an indication of the “ongoing decline of Western civlization.”  Hey Bob, here are some things that are an indication of the ongoing decline of Western civilization:

  • People who care more about Kim Kardashian than preventing Genocide and eliminating World hunger.
  • Soulless politicians who refuse to allow even the most rudimentary gun control laws to pass.
  • Those who beat the hell out of others because of their religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

Something that isn’t an indication of the ongoing decline of Western civilization?  Ballplayers celebrating after scoring four runs in the bottom of the ninth inning to win a baseball game.  Get some perspective, Bob.


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  • Eric Reining

    We know two things about Bob Costas:

    (1) He’s an intelligent, talented human being, and is the current standard-bearer of his profession.
    (2) He sometimes uses his platform inappropriately to some fans’ taste; he is controversial.

    So what it basically comes down to is if you like him or not.

    Honestly, I don’t feel one way or another about Costas or the Mets, but as an objective party I don’t have a problem with what he said. I’d say for every Mets’ fan who saw that and rolled their eyes there were 10 people who laughed, because Costas wasn’t dramatizing to the effect you have laid out in your bullet points;

    He was basically just taking a dig at the Mets, and saying postgame celebrations in baseball are dumb when teams are buried in the standings. That’s all.

    I know it sucks that it was at the expense of your team, but don’t commit the same sin you accuse Bob Costas of — hyperbolizing — because you kind of take it to an unnecessary level when you bring politics and sexual orientation into what was only a small jab.

  • Will DeBoer

    In all honesty I think he was just trying to make a joke. Execution wasn’t best; he should have left out that part about a losing team celebrating. That way it would have been more along the lines of “The Mets hit a walk-off homer? Civilization is collapsing!” That’s the sort of things that we Mets fans are used to and can easily chuckle about.

  • cowcrusher

    The example of so called “rudimentary” is not a good one whatsoever. In NY’s case the law was riddled with mistakes and passed through illegally without debate by the Legislature, that regardless how one feels about the subject how can any law be enforced if it cannot stand up in court.
    Costas in this case was way off base and owes the Mets and the Mets fans an apology. I have a feeling that if it were his team, he would not make such a comment. If I find Bob roaming the streets of Syracuse (his alma mater), I will kindly remind him of the apology if he has not done so already.

  • rwdavis22461

    Its easy to get on the Mets but Costas who is a good and educated announcer went too far . Get a life Bob your talking from where you sit on.

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