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Alderson on Sirius XM

This morning, Sandy Alderson was on Sirius XM radio. Metsblog captured a very important quote from that interview. You can read the entire quote here. Essentially, Alderson says that while sacrificing draft picks is not consistent with the organization’s current philosophy of building through the farm system, the farm system has strengthened to a point that sacrificing the 11th overall pick in this year’s draft is something the Mets can consider. Alderson tempers his remarks by saying that he would be reluctant to sacrifice the pick. However, he clearly did not rule out the possibility.

This is very important (and good in my opinion) in the evolution of the franchise. Most fans agree that the Mets’ organizational depth was not adequate when Alderson took the reigns in October of 2010. The only way to correct that was to acquire talent through the draft, which Alderson has done (e.g. Brandon Nimmo). Alderson expedited this process by obtaining young talent from outside the Mets organization (e.g. Zack Wheeler, Travis D’Arnaud, Noah Syndergaard).  Now, the Mets’ organizational depth, while not by any means the best in baseball, has improved to a point where sacrificing a draft pick (or young player) may make sense under certain conditions. I’ve droned on about how I feel that signing Michael Bourn is one of those “conditions”, so I won’t go on about that again. However, looking at the bigger picture, the fact is that Alderson’s strategy of developing a stronger farm system to give the Mets flexibility to do other things is working. Maybe Michael Bourn will not be the first example of the ability to sacrifice potential youth for a needed veteran, but the fact that the Mets can entertain this thought process represents significant progress.

Other highlights from the Alderson interview:

The Mets are still looking for relievers, and will likely watch Brian Wilson throw again in the next few days.

Zack Wheeler and/or Travis d’Arnaud may be with the Mets early in the 2013 season.

Scott Hairston wanted to be a full-time player, and that’s one reason the Mets did not bring him back.

Alderson had been hoping to make trades to improve the ball club, but says that “there is not a lot left on the shelf”.

The Mets may go into spring training with the current outfielders on the roster. There are no guarantees that any deals or signings can be made.

These are the key points from the interview. The full interview can be found here. For some reason, this interview intensified my excitement for 2013 by leaps and bounds. As mentioned above, it’s one thing to hear talk of a “plan”, but it’s quite another thing to see a plan begin to come together in the manner in which it was intended. While I realize that nothing is guaranteed, imagine this. If the Mets have Michael Bourn leading off, stealing bases, and playing Gold-Glove center field, if they have d’Arnaud and Wheeler coming in the first half of the year, and they have a character like Brian Wilson helping to back-end the bullpen, doesn’t 2013 seem a lot more interesting? In addition, we can watch the continued development of Kirk Nieuwenhuis (whom I’d put in LF in the above scenario), the maturation of Matt Harvey, and we can see our captain, David Wright, cement his place as leader of the team.

I have been a bit skeptical of Sandy Alderson’s moves, or more appropriately lack of moves. However, today it all began to come together for me. Again, this morning’s interview may not amount to immediate action. However, something really is starting to happen in Flushing. Now I can really feel it. Can you?

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  • LongTimeFan1

    Some Mets fans are just so gullible to the manipulator that is Sandy Alderson. He spins everything and arrives back in same place yet some actually believe that Alderson’s lack of results is somehow progress. This 2013 Mets team is shaping up to be a disaster because those in charge have done nothing to improve it and everything to sabotage it. Stop drinking the cool-aid.

    • Kevin Baez

      To a certain extent, I can understand where you are coming from. I’m sure we are all frustrated with the lack of involvement Alderson has provided this offseason with addressing our many needs of this current roster. Although, I do agree that Alderson says one thing and acts differently, just as much blame should be directed to the Fred and Jeff Wilpon. However, I do think the Mets have a plan, as Wright mentioned, but it is one that will require patience as it will take more than just one offseason to complete, as this team is far from one major piece from contending

    • Sam Maxwell

      Saying this roster are the players that will lead to a disaster is ignorant, incorrect and totally blown out of proportion.

  • BklynCowpoke

    I’m sorry, giving up your 1st round draft pick for an aging outfielder who relies on his legs, and who will make no appreciable difference as to where you will end up in the standings makes no sense.

  • Rich S

    I understand that Bourn does not, in and of himself, make them contenders. But what is the plan for improving the OF? The FAs after 2013 are not great. The OFs in the system are years away. I say sign Bourn for 3 years. Then try to add one more OF via trade, either this year or after this year. At some point, better OFs need to get on the team. I don’t think you can trade for 3. I like the idea of piecing it together, and believe that Bourn can be the first piece. Not to mention, Tejada is not a leadoff hitter. Bourn would allow Ruben to bat 8th.

    • Kevin Baez

      Well said, Rich. Completely agree with you

    • Rich S

      The fan base is so divided on this one! It’s one of the more polarizing issues in a while, over a guy who is still a FA. Must mean we’re all anxious for baseball.

  • Bobby the Brain

    I’m all for bringing in Bourn as the long as the contract is reasonable- 3 or 4 years max at around 12MM per and is not a pillow contract with a opt-out after just 1 year even if the Mets have to relinquish their 1st round draft pick. As Kevin mentioned the projected FA class for OF and even closer next offseason is not that appealing which is why Sandy wants to bring in Bourn and Wilson or Oswalt as closer now. The Mets and Sandy next offseason might be in the position of- all dressed up- finally some meaningful $$$ in their pocket but no place to go.