May 24, 2012; Flushing, NY, USA; New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson before the game against the San Diego Padres at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Rising Apple Report: Ep. 4 - @MetsGM's Got the Hardy-Har-Hars

With all the sudden Mets news that rushed in Thursday morning, the most recent Rising Apple Report almost didn’t make an appearance on the site of its name. Yes, the morning after recording the show, the Mets signed Shaun Marcum and Michael Bourn news flooded in. It is still, however, a very entertaining half-hour of Mets talk, and we suggest that you catch up if you haven’t listened to it already. I once again had hosting duties, with Rich Sparago making his first appearance on the show. Also making his first appearance in the commentating seat was Site Editor, Matt Musico.

The day before Justin Upton went to the Braves, rumors were swirling all around, and in the spirit of the outfield and Alderson’s inactivity in the Upton market, we brought back up this quote spoken by our GM at the BBWAA Off-Season Awards Ceremony:

There’s been a lot of talk about our outfield. And I want you to know that I’m in serious discussions with several outfielders I met on the internet. There’s one I really like. He says he played at Stanford.

Though Matt can admire Sandy for making jokes since a GM job, let alone in the big market of New York City, comes with a lot of stress, this time it boiled things over for him, not just from a fanbase perspective, but from the players side as well:

If my boss came over and joked about my inability to do my job before I had the chance to go and prove myself, that really wouldn’t make me too happy about going out and trying to bust my rear end to try and do my best job.

It’s quite the rant on his depreciation of the ongoing jokes, so you’ll have to give it a listen.

Rich laughed out loud when he first read it.

I was kind of neutral on the whole matter, and asked them how their opinions would change if Sandy were to sign, say, Michael Bourn

Around the halfway point of the half-hour, I got a text saying that Julian was still playing his basketball game. Julian is a young baseball card collector who we were hoping would call 10 minutes into the show. He could not, so we waited and transitioned into our own card collecting history. Sure enough, we found out that we all kind of fell into mini-collections of our own, but were never really into collecting. We all, though, find it really cool.

With no Julian call in sight, however, we moved on to another hot topic earlier in the week:Terry Collins’ job status. Matt thinks Terry’s the right man for the job and doesn’t blame him for the end of 2012. Rich even wondered whether Wally Backman, the fan favorite to eventually take over, would even be an option for Sandy if he still buys into the Moneyball thought process.

All of a sudden, with just over 2 minutes left, we got a call from Julian, whose 13th birthday was last Monday. I figured we’d wish him a happy one and preview his card collection before having him on another time. We were also able to find out who his favorite Met is and whether it is represented in his collection.

Even though we were a night early when it comes to this past week’s breaking Mets news, still a very enthralling half-hour of Metsian conversation. If you have not yet listened to it, please fill a half-hour of your weekend with the pleasant sounds of our Metropolitan voices. And Julian will be back this Wednesday to talk about the over 600 Mets cards that help fill his massive collection, so be sure to tune into that as well! And every Wednesday night on my personal Mets Blog, Converted Mets Fan, Julian will select 1 to 3 Met cards to showcase.

You will also be able to subscribe to The Rising Apple Report via iTunes soon, so we will certainly keep you posted on that matter.

Have a great weekend, folks!

Thanks for reading! You can read Sam Maxwell’s personal Mets Blog here.

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