May 30, 2012; New York, NY, USA; New York Giants first-round draft pick David Wilson (left) talks with New York Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon (center) and third baseman David Wright (5) on the field during batting practice before a game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE

The Non-Option

A ton of information came out this morning regarding the futures of David Wright and R.A. Dickey.  The Wright situation was getting murky.  Minutes later, according to a report,  he had the 7 year offer he desired.  R.A. Dickey stated that he would rather sign an extension now than test free agency.  This is all very interesting.  What it isn’t, is concrete.

Aside from Dickey’s comments, no one knows where the information is coming from.  One would assume the “negative” leaks are coming from the players’ agents, while the “positive” ones are coming from the Mets.  In the end, none of that matters.  What matters, is that both of these situations are settled before the start of next season.

There’s something and someone, however, that is making these negotiations a bit vomit inducing.  The somone is Jeff Wilpon.  The something, is what Wilpon said regarding the situation:  That trading Wright and/or Dickey is the Mets’ third option (behind signing them to extensions, and behind keeping them through next year without new deals agreed upon).  Now, Wilpon may have said that for the sake of it.  It could be a ploy.  Or, it could be true.

The way the Mets handled the Jose Reyes situation in 2011 is what should make fans uneasy.  Although the Mets did feel out Reyes after the season and were willing to give him 6 years and $100 million, they had to know there was a small chance of him returning.  Yet, they were content to let him play out the year and walk away.

Here’s the nightmare scenario:  The Mets don’t extend Wright and/or Dickey this offseason.  The team knows that neither player will negotiate during the season, yet they choose to keep one or both of them around for the duration of 2013.  The offseason comes, a bidding war ensues, and one or both of them walk away for nothing.  Ridiculous?  Yes.  Horrendous roster management?  Absolutely.  Far fetched?  No.

If the above were to materialize, it would be the last straw between a fanbase that’s hanging by a thread and its ownership group.  On its face, it would be a horrendous and inexcusable turn of events.  Digging deeper, it would be confirmation that Sandy Alderson has no true decision making power, and that Fred and Jeff Wilpon are again meddling in the worst way possible.

Keeping Wright and/or Dickey without new deals completed should simply not be an option.  It would reinforce to the fans that ownership believes we’re imbeciles, and that we don’t see through their nonsense.  Keeping Wright and/or Dickey around with their futures unsettled would be done in an effort to sell tickets.  It would be done because ownership thinks from a business standpoint that it’s better than trading one or both of them for a whole bunch of pieces who can help out in the future.  It’s transparent, it’s dumb, and it’s not the way you run a franchise – in any market.

Just in case Fred and Jeff need a reminder:  Your fans are not only the most loyal, they’re the most knowledgeable.  Here are your options:

1.) Extend Wright and/or Dickey now.

2.) Trade Wright and/or Dickey now.

It really is that simple.  No one will be convinced to come out to Citi Field in 2013 to watch players they know won’t be on the team much longer.  If you’re worried about the potential of David Wright coming to the All-Star game next year at Citi Field in another team’s uniform, don’t be.  Your fans will be much more incensed if you lose him for nothing.

The bottom line here?  Allow Sandy Alderson the autonomy he was promised.  Get the Wright and Dickey situation cleared up this offseason one way or the other, and move on.



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