Sep 27, 2012; Flushing, NY,USA; New York Mets third baseman David Wright (5) congratulates starting pitcher R.A. Dickey (43) after the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Citi Field. Mets won 6-5. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-US PREWIRE

Blasphemy! David Wright To The Braves?

This past weekend, there was an article in the in the New York Times which highlights that with Chipper Jones retiring, there is obviously a glaring hole at third base for the Atlanta Braves. His retirement also frees up about $13M in payroll for them to go shopping with.  It just so happens, one of the marquee third baseman in the game may be on the market very soon. Much sooner than Mets fans want to believe.

I’ve never thought about putting on a different uniform. Hopefully that never happens. But you never know what the future holds. – Mets third baseman David Wright


Proposed David Wright Atlanta Braves jersey – Freddie Freeman currently wears number 5 for Atlanta prompting the number change to 6

What’s worse is that the Braves are in a very good position to offer the type of money David is looking for. They are also perennial playoff contenders, and David has stated he wants to play for a team that is a contender. There is also no guarantee that the Mets will exercise their $16M option for David in 2013. It sounds like the conditions may be right, and a major storm is brewing in Flushing.

Just when Mets fans thought it couldn’t get any worse, the New York Times points out what could potentially be the breaking point for loyal Mets fans. David Wright in a Braves uniform is unfathomable. It would be the absolute low point for Mets fans. The Mets have been getting smacked around by the Braves for the past fifteen years, but this would be the knockout punch. The Mets fans may never recover from such a course of events. Not even a cheerful Mr. Met can save them if this goes down.

The notion is scary, but the odds that David would do this to the fans, is highly unlikely. At least that’s what we hope the case is. We see

it happen time and time again in sports. There is no such thing as rivalry in professional sports anymore. There was a time when a player wouldn’t be caught dead in their rival’s uniform. Those times are long gone. The players are more like mercenaries these days, looking for the biggest pay day, and the easiest place to win. My heart tells me David will never jump ship to Atlanta, but my brain tells me that this is more of a business than a sport these days, and to expect anything.

Another scary notion comes with what R.A. Dickey said last week when he mentioned that he and David are a package deal. Reading between the lines, Dickey is saying that if David is not brought back, he won’t be returning either. Even scarier, what if Wright did sign with the Braves, and Dickey followed suit. Have I made the Mets fans sick enough for one day? I think everyone gets the picture.

The Mets have so many question marks facing them in the future that you would think the Riddler was the general manager. Ladies and gentlemen, what are we going to do with these New York Metropolitans?

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