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Sandy Alderson Appears on Fox Business, Talks About Team Finances

Sandy Alderson appeared today on Fox Business to discuss the Mets off-season, and their financials. The highlights and the video itself are after the jump.

Click here for the entire video segment.

-Alderson confirmed the $70 million loss in revenue from 2011, the $25 million the Wilpons owe to Major League Baseball, and the recent $40 million loan the Mets received from Bank of America.
-He thinks that once the Mets attract a few minority investors, that the franchise should be “Good to go  [financially] over the next couple of years.”
-David Wright will “be with us for awhile,” and that fans “shouldn’t worry about losing David [Wright] and Jose [Reyes] in the same year.”
-In reference to Moneyball and the Mets approach: “I think, first of all, that “Moneyball” was about finding value.  And whether that was finding value at lower prices, or finding value in players that command higher salaries, the same point is made.  You know, we need to make good decisions with respect to players that don’t make a lot of money, but we need to make good decisions with respect to players who do. And if we invest lots of money in high-salary players, we need to be right most of the time, just as we need to be right when we spend fewer dollars.”
-The Mets will be able to meet payroll, and Major League Baseball will not have to seize the team like they had to do with the Los Angeles Dodgers.
-On the topic of how well the 2012 Mets might do, Alderson said, “We  won’t be favored in the National League East.  The National League East is pretty stacked, and probably the toughest division in baseball at this point.  But we’re going to be fun to watch, and you know, the nice thing about baseball is that anything can happen.  It’s not necessarily the highest payroll that wins.  It’s very often somebody who’s put together a team, based on not just resources but also quality decisions.  Teams like Tampa Bay are a good example of that, and certainly it can happen here, too.”

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