2011 Season in Review - Update

The writing team here at Rising Apple has been working hard in the off-season to not only take a potential look forward, but also to review the 2011 season player-by-player.

Just in case you’ve missed some of our “2011 Season in Review” articles, below are all of them to-date:

Fernando Martinez
Manny Acosta
Ike Davis
Ronny Paulino
D.J. Carrasco
Bobby Parnell
Josh Thole
Miguel Batista
Jason Pridie
Jonathon Niese
Pedro Beato
Francisco Rodriguez
Daniel Murphy
Tim Byrdak
Willie Harris
Dillon Gee
Justin Turner

Over the next few weeks, our writers will tackle 2011 reviews of Jason Bay, Ruben Tejada, Nick Evans, Mike Pelfrey, Mike Nickeas, Angel Pagan, Chris Capuano, Chris Schwinden, Dale Thayer, Danny Herrera, Brad Emaus, Ryota Igarashi, Lucas Duda, Taylor Buchholz, R.A. Dickey, David Wright, Josh SatinJosh Stinson, Mike Baxter, Jose Reyes, Jason Isringhausen, Chris Young, and Carlos Beltran.

Stay tuned!

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