Five Players Who Might See More Playing Time in the Second Half

Come the July 31 non-waiver deadline, the New York Mets might be a pretty different looking team. Players such as Carlos Beltran, Francisco Rodriguez (who was just traded), Jason Isringhausen, Tim Byrdak, Chris Capuano, and various others have been involved in a rumor or two. Departures to any of these guys will immediately open slots for either minor leaguers or little-used bench warmers. Below are five players fans should expect to see more playing time in the second half.

Nick Evans: Evans has been in the New York Mets system since he was eighteen, but the now twenty-five year old is no longer a spring chicken. After posting an awesome .300/.371/.536 line with twenty-three homeruns, eighty RBI, and eighty-eight runs in 548 plate appearances in Double-A/Triple-A last season, Evans did not look anything like his dominant self in the majors this season. In twenty-four forgettable Major League plate appearances, Evans has posted a .105/.292/.263 line with one homerun, two RBI, and three runs. Considering the infielder/outfielder again has dominated the minors, owning a .329/.378/.480 line in Triple-A this season, Evans is pushing the “Quad-A” label. Regardless, the longer Ike Davis stays in his walking boot, the more opportunities Evans will have against left-handed hitting as Lucas Duda‘s platoon partner.

Fernando Martinez: Martinez has already seen twenty-three plate appearances so far in the bigs, but the long-time “top” prospect might finally see an elongated stay in the second half. F-Mart has posted a .263/.330/.421 line with seven homeruns, twenty-five RBI, and twenty-four runs in 192 plate appearances at Triple-A, so while the twenty-two year old isn’t exactly dominating, he is performing well enough for a promotion. Assuming Carlos Beltran (or Angel Pagan, if I had it my way) is on the move, an outfield slot would instantly become vacant.

Chris Schwinden: The name “Chris Schwinden” meant little to most people before 2011, but the twenty-four year old pitcher has turned some heads within the organization. Schwinden has posted a 2.98 ERA, 1.09 WHIP, and 2.77 K/BB as the Mets “ace” in Triple-A. As good as his surface stats are, his mediocre 2.9 BB/9 and uncharacteristic (and potentially unsustainable) 7.0 Hits/9 might speak to the type of pitcher he really is. Regardless of whether or not he’ll ever become a successful Major League pitcher, Schwinden might finally earn a trip to the show if the Mets use underpaid Chris Capuano as a trade chip.

Mike O’Connor: O’Connor already has 120.6 Major League innings under his belt–including 6.6 as a Met this season. The left-handed pitcher posted a 2.70 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, and 2.67 K/BB in relief for the Mets, but was sent back down to Triple-A after he surrendered two consecutive abysmal outings (three hits, two earned-runs, and one walk in “zero” innings). O’Connor’s 5.35 ERA, 1.38 WHIP, and 3.09 K/BB clip in Triple-A this season isn’t worthy of being promoted, but he could very well be the Mets only remaining lefty bullpen option if they deal Tim Byrdak.

Zach Lutz: Hopefully David Wright will come back this season, but in the event he has a setback, fans might have to endure more errors from Dan Murphy at third base. That is unless the Mets were to promote Zach Lutz. At age twenty-five, Lutz is no longer a “prospect,” but he is a year removed from a .287/.380/.572 line with nineteen homeruns, fifty-five RBI, and forty-seven runs in 309 plate appearances. The third baseman has unfortunately had an injury-plagued 2011 in Triple-A, only garnering 139 total plate appearances. His .295/.381/.484 line with five homruns, fifteen RBI, and nineteen runs this season is still promising, so if Wright doesn’t improve, Lutz could assume some big league at-bats.

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