First Half MVPs - NL East

Below is Rising Apple’s contribution to Call to the Pen’s “First Half MVPs – NL East” blog post. To read the full article, click here.

New York Mets – Jose Reyes
It goes without saying that Jose Reyes has been the Mets most valuable player for the Mets so far in 2011. The 28 year-old has posted an eye-bursting .349/.393/.525 line with 3 homeruns, 21 doubles, 15 triples, 32 RBI, 65 runs-scored, and 30 stolen bases. The shortstop has also garnered an impressive 5.1 UZR/150, which makes him a threat on both sides of the field. As most people know, Reyes will be a free agent for the first time at season’s end. While there has been much talk about the state of re-signing him (or possible trading him), regardless of the decision, Reyes has been a delight this season and since his debut in 2003.

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