Game 3 Recap: Cubs Down Mets, 9-3

The injury bug continues to haunt the Mets. After just two-and-two-thirds innings, R.A. Dickey succumbed to a foot injury while attempting to cover first base on a groundball. In Dicket’s place, the bullpen did not exactly put away hitters. Pedro Beato, Pat Misch, Tim Byrdak, and Jason Isringhausen combined for thirteen hits, eight earned-runs, one walk, and five strikeouts. Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano silenced the Mets offense, allowing only one earned-run. The loss drops the Mets down to 23-26.


  • R.A. Dickey pitched 2.6 innings, giving-up four hits, zero earned-runs, zero walks, and one strike-out. He left the game in the third inning after injuring his foot covering first base on a ground ball. The knuckleballer is currently walking in a boot, and will continued to be evaluated.
  • Despite not allowing an earned-run in his first 18.6 innings, Pedro Beato has now surrendered five earned-runs in his last 1.6 innings of work.
  • Aside from Taylor Buchholz and Francisco Rodriguez, the rest of the bullpen combined for thirteen hits, eight earned-runs, one walk, and five strikeouts.
  • Jose Reyes went 2-4 with a double, walk, and a run-scored.
  • Dan Murphy hit his ninth double of the season, and added two singles as well.
  • Jason Pridie went 1-3 with his first career triple.

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