Game 2 Preview: Houston Astros at New York Mets, Tonight at 7:10 PM

Game 2: 4/20/11 (7:10 PM)
R.A. Dickey (1-2, 3.93 ERA, 1.74 WHIP, 1.25 K/BB): After his first start against the Marlins, Dickey looked like he was continuing his 2010 success. However, since notching the win, the knuckleballer posted a combined 6.35 ERA, 2.02 WHIP, and 0.77 K/BB over his next two starts. Since his 9.8 H/9 and 0.5 HR/9 are stable, it’s pretty obvious his lacking control (5.9 BB/9) is the culprit. Once Dickey finds it–if he does–he’ll be fine. (Career vs. Astros: .238/.273/.302 line with a 1.56 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, and 3.00 K/BB)

Bud Norris (1-1, 5.06 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, 3.33 K/BB): Norris established himself in 2010–his second season in the Majors–as a big strikeout pitcher, but at the expense of control. It appears to be no different so far this season, though the right-hander seems to have more pop on his fastball. Despite back-to-back mediocre starts, Norris dazzled against the Padres, pitching 6 innings, while allowing just 2 hits, no runs, 3 walks, and 7 strikeouts. If the Mets hitters can take a pitch or two (if they put their collective .304 OB aside), they might be able to do some damage against the 26 year-old. (Career vs. Mets: .213/.302/.298 line with a 4.97 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, and 1.80 K/BB)


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